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Bremer Residence

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Located in prestigious Old Atlanta, this 50's style ranch was transformed into a classic European style home. This transformation included a new guesthouse, swimming pool area, a detached garage and motorcourt, along with associated retaining walls and terraces. The driving force of this project was the client's wish to create a relaxing outdoor space in the classical style of the architecture.

This blend of relaxation and classic appeal was achieved through the use of stone. To accent the long, narrow configuration of the property, elegant privacy walls were appointed in order to visually screen the motorcourt and adjoining neighbors. These dry-laid, stacked Tennessee fieldstone walls created the smooth, yet strong composition to allow for maximum use of the property. The wall's enduring segmental arches, recessed stucco panels, and cast stone caps further enhance the traditional design theme of the project. At the pool area, Pennsylvania Bluestone, in a full range of hues, was attractively integrated with the taupes and browns of the Tennessee Fieldstone walls.

The striking quality of the Tennessee fieldstone can be achieved through various installation styles and techniques. Installation prices for detailed stone work as illustrated range from $16-$18 per square foot. As the most readily available and widely used stone material in the southeastern market, Tennessee Fieldstone has many qualities and characteristics that give it great design flexibility.